bitB Release Notes

Open Caveats

Issue Type Issue Key Issue Description
Bug BITBSUP-195 On Visio export in device object, some long names not expanding the object box
Bug BITBSUP-194 Control + F to search device list for something that does match any field crashes the device list
Bug BITBSUP-193 Device List Search – It looks like non letters in the search will cause bitB to generate error message
Bug BITBSUP-189 When Filtering Device List Vrfs no longer display – Ver 0.80.b120.r2273
Bug BITBSUP-187 Cannot Render Physical Drawing with 7Ks
Bug BITBSUP-185 Not showing Secondary IP of device interface
Bug BITBSUP-184 Physical Topology showing incorrect connections on VPCs
Bug BITBSUP-183 Logical topology not displaying properly when default is route leaked
Bug BITBSUP-182 Cisco 3925 IP Route table showing many entries
Bug BITBSUP-181 Cannot Run Autodiscovery and 5 minute polling at the same time, Ver.80.b120.r2246
Bug BITBSUP-179 Physical Grid showing interfaces not actually connected
Bug BITBSUP-178 Primary interface added to map and grids twice when a backup is configured
Bug BITBSUP-175 bitB is locking up PC – Version 0.80.b120.r2246
Bug BITBSUP-173 Physical Connections are incorrect, bitB version: b120.r2273
Bug BITBSUP-171 The Logical/Physical Drawing Disappear after clicking on the Ribbons Version: 0.b120.r2246
Bug BITBSUP-170 Device added with no data
Bug BITBSUP-165 Object Reference Error – When trying to delete device from Device Ribbon
Bug BITBSUP-164 Initial Run – Unhandled Exception – when selecting the option to add credentials during auto-discovery – BRANCH BITBSUP-164
Bug BITB-251 Date and time are incorrect on the status bar when Logical or Physical Topology data spans multiple days – BRANCH 251
Bug BITB-250 Main device icon is not correct in Device List when a device has vLogical or vPhysical values
Bug BITBSUP-161 Device List – 4150 ASA icon is not a firewall
Bug BITBSUP-160 4510 Issue Parsing CDP Neighbor entries
Bug BITBSUP-159 3750X Memory parsing issue
Bug BITBSUP-158 ASR1001-X Parsing Interface Counters issue
Bug BITB-229 Receiving an exception when no credentials exist and trying to run AutoDiscovery – BRANCH BITB-229
Bug BITBSUP-151 Unable to add 2921 Router – Memory Processing
Bug BITBSUP-150 Unable to add 2921 Router – IP Route parsing
Bug BITBSUP-149 Unable to add ASR 1004 – Processing Int IP addr
Bug BITB-215 Logical Drawing – Internet Driven – No Default route shown for and asa4-pri.test – BRANCH BITB-215a
Bug BITBSUP-141 BitB has become unresponsive during auto-discovery
Bug BITBSUP-139 B9C: Insufficient memory to continue execution of the program.
Bug BITBSUP-126 2921 Router route parsing issue
Bug BITBSUP-125 2960S Switch Memory Parsing issue
Bug BITBSUP-124 2951 Router Memory Parsing
Bug BITBSUP-123 Parsing Issue- ASR VRF Route Leak
Bug BITB-200 Parsing: B9C Cisco NX-OS Subnet with Prefix as Next Hop IP Address – Recursive Route
Bug BITB-182 Receive exception error when seed device is unreachable

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Resolved Caveats

Issue Type Issue Key Issue Description bitB Version
Bug BITBSUP-197 Route Table Data Grid Missing directly connected networks – ASA b120r2315
Bug BITBSUP-196 Route Table Data Grid missing destinations where metric info is on second line – IOS b120r2315